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Scope of Expertise & Project

  • Power Control Room (PCR)
  • Electrical switchgear and Motor Control Center (MCC)
  • Electrical Installation Medium Voltage Panel, LVMDP, Panel Distribution, Lighting, Breaker, ELCB, MCB, etc.
  • Battery Charger, Uninteruptable Power Supply
  • Retrovit
  • Electric motor inspection and services
  • Electronic SCR and DRIVE
  • Fire Alarm and Gas System
  • SCADA, DCS, Automation and Protection system
  • Mechanical : Gas Turbine, Generator, HVAC, Pipe Line, Produce Water, Hydro cyclone , Compressor, Electro motor, Fire System, Hydrant, etc.
  • Building and Civil Work

Team of Providing a Solution

  • Local Indonesia expertise
    • Mechanical
    • Electrical
    • Automation and Instrumentation
    • Civil
  • Engineer team has mining, oil and gas and other Industries experiences
  • Flexibility and availability. Has knowledge in mining,oil and gas and other industries SOP, JSA ,JRA, HIRA , HAZOP , etc.
  • Multi talented Engineer for any brand and any Automation, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation equipment
Building and Civil Work

Business Model

Contract Service Business Model

Maintenance contract services
We will provide monthly visit – 4 days each month On-call 24 Hours

Maintenance contract services with parts
We will provide monthly visit – 4 days each month On-call 24 Hours and Provide parts list stock as owner approval

New equipment maintenance program setup
Assist Customer to get necessary data from the manufacture and recorded as maintenance program.

Retail Service Business Model

Lumpsum Contract
- Provide Maximum Man-days and it will included Accommodation and Air Transportation and Land Transport
- If Exceed than maximum man-days we will charge daily rate

Daily Rate
- We provide Daily Rate for Jakarta and surroundings, not included accommodation and Transport, and will apply special rate when it’s holiday or weekend

Mining, Oil & Gas Sector


Medium Voltage Switchgear
The Switchgear certification is valid from 3,3kv up to 20kv systems and the switchgear uses vacuum interrupters, a highly proven and widely used technology world-wide, while standard instrument, transformers, and open communication protocol relays.

Motor Control Center
- Motor Control Center.
- MCC repair module such as drawer plug in unit, replacement of the contactor, breaker, Lighting, Stop Contact, CT, and metering unit.
- Switchgear – breaker drawer alignment , relay protection system upgrade, Transformer, etc.

- Preventive maintenance: Cleaning bus-bar, contactor, terminal cable and contact check.
- Panel repair module such as drawer plug in unit , replacement of the contactor , breaker, Lighting, Stop Contact, CT, and metering unit and protection system upgrade.

SCADA, DCS, Automation and Protection System

- Inspection and maintenance of SCR Electric motor drive (VSD - Variable Speed Drive) modification and upgrade repair and replacement.
- Software upgrade and modification HMI development Troubleshooting and program repair.

Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation

Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation

  • Electric Motor complete with protection and start stop panel.
  • Simple Control system.
  • Upgrade and modification that we can offer :
    • To provide touch screen control using Siemens S7 HMI system or any brand.
    • Equipment performance monitoring , such as speed , current , voltage , vibration.
    • Wireless and remote monitoring using TCP/IP, microwave, and wifi.