PT.Bumindo Sahabat Sejahtera operates nation wide in supplying, repairing and services in electrical, Instrumentation and mechanical. Company has been registered as a vendor several companies such as Lippo Mall, LMIR Trust, Semen Merah Putih, Motive Mulia, MidPlaza Holding (intercontinental hotel, Riverside Golf Club), Biznet, Century Batteries Indonesia, Saga Trade Murni, Sumco Indonesia, Recon Sarana Utama, Aurecon Indonesia, Vastex, Chevron, etc.

Company's commitment to its clients is proven by its Quality Management System Certification to ISO 9001:2008 & Occupation Health and Safety Management System. Established in 2015 company committed to be a reliable partner in oil and gas sector and industries to contribute through the reliable products, qualified teams and the improving services.

As a national company that actively involved both generally in energy providing and especially in mechanical electrical and instrumentation contractor, PT.Bumindo Sahabat Sejahtera have a long history and good experienced in the fields. With it’s history and it’s experiences, PT.Bumindo Sahabat Sejahtera always get solid trust from the clients.

Based on that, we always do the best to improve our services product through the enhancement of our human resources quality and of our equipment standard. By those improvement our goal is to deliver our client’s demand and to follow market trend. Supported by our experts and our finance strategic partner, we believe the company will grow up and develop into big national company.


There are more electric system are using in Indonesia cause it more flexible, easy to operate and energy saver. So need a good electrical and instrumentation technical support to maintain all equipment.

Most of technical support is coming from original country such as China, USA, UK, INDIA, JAPAN, KOREA. So it will takes time to travel and more expensive to come to Indonesia.

Availability of the service Engineer -> cause most of engineers are occupied in other country when the local company need the support.


Becoming a national EPCI Company (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation) and investment company in energy business, highly committed to provide the best services and always focusing on market orientation.


• To provide basic need of our clients.
• To ensure the quality of our services.
• To ensure financial support in order to.
• Increase our company’s business growth.

Improving & Innovations Strategy

Commitment to excellence is a cornerstone of the PT.Bumindo Sahabat Sejahtera culture. Company commitment stretches beyond research and development and translates into a comprehensive and innovative strategy.

Starting from a simply supplying on the industrial sectors, we are improving and applied a high qualification and standard of the Mining, Oil and Gas sector – drive our focus to be totally in all sector of Mining,Oil and Gas industry and so others Industries as well the related sectors.

Supported by our qualified team we always improving and innovative in the business, being a reliable total solution / a system integrator in both electrical, Instrumentation and mechanical.